Something Wicked Heads To Social Media: ‘Project: Alibi’

on Tuesday, Aug. 26th

The spooky season is almost upon us, and that means its time for storytellers of all stripes to try and scare our socks off.

Such is the plan behind what’s currently called Project: Alibi, a mulit-platform ghost story from a pair of transmedia luminaries who are working together for the first time.


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Tribeca’s Storyscapes Returns For An Epic Second Year

on Tuesday, Apr. 15th

The Tribeca Film Festival leapt into the vanguard of transmedia art last year with the inaugural edition of Storyscapes, an event led by TriBeCa’s Director of Digital Initiatives Ingrid Kopp.

Net week will see the second crop of projects curated by Kopp and her team make their bow at the The Bombay Sapphire® House of Imagination (At Dune Studio) when Storyscapes opens for its April 23-26 run.

After the jump: the works that we wish we could be in New York City to see.


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Transmedia Beat: Bernie Su’s “Emma Approved” Monetization Secrets

on Thursday, Feb. 27th

Disclosure: I’m one of the organizers of Transmedia LA, so take any excessive positivity with a grain of salt. The intention here isn’t to toot that group’s horn, but to share what was on display with a wider audience.

Last night’s Transmedia LA meetup in Culver City was an eye-opening affair on a number of levels. Not only did Emmy winner Bernie Su–co-creator and showrunner of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved–share copious details of how he’s managed to monetize transmedia storytelling, but the assembled crowd had some seriously on-point questions.

First up, some of my notes on what Bernie shared.


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Dutch Thriller “APP” Wants You To Download Evil A.I.

on Wednesday, Feb. 19th

What if I told you there was a movie coming out where you needed to keep your phone on to get the full experience?

No, this isn’t a personal note for Anil Dash, this is about the Dutch thriller APP, which is getting a U.S. theatrical run thanks to RAM Releasing, a new distributor. (Watch the trailer over at Indiewire.)

APP has an interactive layer in the form of a smartphone, um, app called IRIS–so-named because it is SIRI, backwards–which listens for audio cues as the film unspools. (ID NOTE: film no longer unspools because we live in a digital age. Set feels to sads.) IRIS is also the name of the evil phone app that torments the protagonist after showing up on her phone one morning. The cues trigger an interactive moment on the audience member’s phone, so that IRIS’ malice can spread into the real world.

Unfortunately I don’t think “demonic iPhones” are covered under Obamacare.


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Now Funding: A New Transmedia Platform For Authors

on Tuesday, Jan. 21st

Consider this a call for comment from the transmedia peanut gallery.
Houston-based designer/author Karen Snyder has teamed up with digital publishing platform PubSoft for a new transmedia-focused venture.

Currently raising funds via IndieGoGo the project is called Transmedia Story Stream, and aims to be an all-in-one solution for ebook authors who want to add both multimedia oomph and social engagement to their properties.

The platform website features some solid endorsements from authors and transmedia producers, but I’ll note that the pitch leans a bit heavy on the buzzwords . It is probably inadvisable to call oneself the “Zynga” of anything these days, given that company’s struggles in the past year.

Here’s what I’d like to know from the transmedia authors/producers out there: is the platform as presented enticing to you? Does it solve real problems that you currently face? For those who have used it, how does it compare to The Shadow Gang‘s Galahad?

Email me: or leave a comment on the Turnstyle Facebook link, or via twitter: @noahjnelson.

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The Institute and Some Thoughts on Immersive Interactive Storytelling

Michella Rivera-Gravage on Friday, Oct. 11th

On Friday, I ignored my regular bedtime and met up with some talented, hilarious and foxy women to watch a 9:30PM screening at the Roxie of The Institute, a film about the Jejune Institute. If you are unfamiliar with Jejune, it was an alternate reality game (ARG) that took place in San Francisco from 2008 – 2011, designed by Nonchalance. It is centered around a cult-like new age-y organization and the group that wanted to take it down. I got to participate in the Jejune Institute ARG while it was still running, and it was quite a unique and other-worldly experience. (more…)

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Image: Wise Guys Events, Art by Dave Lovejoy (The Last Bookstore)

On The Transmedia Beat: Haunted Phones and An Augmented LA

on Thursday, Oct. 3rd

Two transmedia projects caught my eye this week, one can be played right now and the other is drumming up support on Kickstarter.

First up: Better Than Television's "13 Pennies". This game promises to "haunt your smartphone for the entire month of October."


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Hey J.J., Where’s The Star Trek Transmedia?

on Thursday, May. 16th

If you're a transmedia enthusiast you may be wondering why there's been no massive campaign rolled out around J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness. The Wrap has the reason:

Competing ambitions between Paramount, CBS and Abrams' production company Bad Robot over merchandising surrounding the first film in the rebooted "Star Trek" franchise led the director to curtail plans to turn the series into a multi-platform experience that spanned television, digital entertainment and comic books, according to an individual with knowledge of the dispute.

Further down the article there's quotes from transmedia luminary and Starlight Runner CEO Jeff Gomez. The author of the article even surmises that the inability to get a multi-platform experience going is what motivated Abrams to jump ship for Star Wars.

TL;DR: It’s not J.J.’s fault, his people said they fixed it!

h/t Hal Hefner, Transmedia LA

Follow Noah Nelson on Twitter (@noahjnelson)

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Turnstyle Transmedia Hangout: Jay Bushman of The LBD/Welcome to Sanditon

on Friday, May. 3rd

See the archive of our Hangout On-Air below.

Jay Bushman isn't just a member of the transmedia community in Los Angeles he's also the founder. Okay, co-founder, but still.

Bushman was the transmedia producer on the mega-popular web adaptation of Pride and Prejudice known as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and is now the Executive Producer and co-showrunner on the mini-series followup Welcome to Sanditon. Sanditon, like The LBD, is an adaptation of a Jane Austen work. Only in this case it is an unfinished novel.

Watch Jay and myself as we talk about the challenges of adapting novels–unfinished or otherwise–into transmedia works, the state of multi-platform storytelling, and whatever else our nerdtacular brains light upon.

Follow Sanditon Series on Twitter.

Follow Noah Nelson on Twitter (@noahjnelson)

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Image: The Shadow Gang

Turnstyle Transmedia Hangout w/Alex LeMay, CEO of The Shadow Gang

on Thursday, May. 2nd

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Today we spoke with Alex LeMay (@


com/”>The Shadow Gang who call themselves a “new breed of entertainment studio”

The company has built a new one stop shop– or turnkey– platform for creating multiplatform storytelling experiences called Galahad

Catch the archive of our discussion with LeMay about the road that led to Galahad

Hint: it leads through film, TV, advertising and a multi-platform campaign for the book Read the rest


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