Black Folk Don’t: Camp

on Friday, Jul. 27th

By now, we’ve given you enough reminders that if you miss episodes of Black Folk Don’t, you’re missing out on witty, wonderful explorations and analysis of cultural stereotypes that are rejected and endorsed by black folk around the country. But still, you may not regularly be getting your dose of Black Folk Don’t from the series site. If you aren’t, we admit we’re remiss in skipping a few weeks bringing it to you here. (more…)

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Code For America Profiles: Reducing Blight In New Orleans

on Wednesday, Jul. 11th

For a relatively new program – just two years old – Code For America has already had a significant impact with its “Peace Corps for geeks” concept, building more than a dozen apps in partnership with cities around the U.S.

In this podcast, we talk to 2012 CFA fellow Eddie Tejeda, who’s working with the city of New Orleans this year. Residents and city leaders wanted a better way to identify blighted properties, especially given the vacancy rate still plaguing the city years after Hurricane Katrina. Tejeda discusses the tool his team devised, and his crash course into New Orleans city politics. (more…)

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New Orleans: Murder Board [State of the Re:Union]

on Wednesday, Sep. 21st

From the multimedia archives of State of the Re:Union.

Sadly, murder victims have been framed as statistics, especially in high crime cities. In New Orleans, Father Bill Terry decided to do something about it and found a simple way to humanize these victims.

Each week Turnstyle features work from the archives of State of the Re:Union, the public radio show that travels this great nation one town or city at a time. Hosted by multifaceted artist Al Letson.

Check your local listings for the new episodes from the fall season, or subscribe to their podcast feed(iTunes) to catch all the episodes.

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Today In Public Media

on Wednesday, Aug. 10th

Republican showdown in Iowa; Pakistan Independence Day; Canada to Texas pipeline threatens Nebraska water.

From Iowa Public Radio in Des Moines: Republican Debate

Republican candidates took the stage to debate hot topics before the Iowa Straw Poll this weekend in Ames, Iowa. Many were asked how they would have handled the debt ceiling issue and candidates took the opportunity to criticize President Obama.

From WWNO in New Orleans: New Orleans Region Could Escape Severe Economic Damage From Jittery Market

New Orleans still has several billion dollars coming in from post-Katrina recovery money, and many industries in the region can expect growth in the near future, such as clean tech industries and water management.

From WBEZ in Chicago: Pakistan Independence Day: What Should Pakistani Americans Feel?

This Sunday is Pakistan’s 64th birthday. Pakistani-Americans have mixed views about celebrating in light of the Pakistan’s many troubling issues, like violence and poor education.

From NET in Nebraska:
Pipeline Controversy Continues As Decision Deadline Gets Closer

Nebraskans chant “Save our water!” in front of the governor’s mansion to protest the construction of a pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Texas.

From MPR in Minnesota: Minnesota Gets $4.2Million From Feds For Health Exchange

Minnesota is one of 14 states receiving federal money to set up a healthcare exchange program, where consumers can compare and buy health insurance similar to online travel sites.

From WUWM in Milwaukee: How Much Will Final Two Recall Elections Matter?

Wisconsin geared up for more recall elections next week after Republicans gained control of the state Senate earlier this week. The report analyzes how much these next elections matter.

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To Build The VR Education of Tomorrow One Scholar Turns To The Past

There are plenty of folks in the education technology field who are excited about virtual reality as the next great educational tool.



We’re Closer To Our Photorealistic VR Future Than You’d Think (INTERVIEW)

A look into the virtual world of tomorrow with USC researcher Paul Debevec.


Prepare Yourselves For The Personal VR Video Revolution

Virtual Reality is rapidly approaching a watershed moment.

Ralph Echemendia

Spoiler Alert: Hollywood Isn’t Taking Cyber Security Seriously (LA Film Fest)

Tonight at the Los Angeles Film Festival, squeezed in between movies and red carpet events, a symposium on Cyber Security is being held at the Grammy Museum.

Gumroad Rentals H

Rent Video Straight From Social Media Via Gumroad

The people who brought the “Buy Now” button to Twitter are going all-in on film distribution.