Crowdfunded Writer Ross Pruden Wants Your Dimes

on Tuesday, Aug. 14th

Writer Ross Pruden spends a lot of time talking about crowdfunding. On his own blog Infinite Distributions, at TechDirt and as those of us who follow him know pretty much all day on Twitter.

What he hasn’t done yet is actually run a crowdfunding campaign. That all changes today, as Pruden launches Dimeword.

The Dimeword campaign is straightforward: for ten bucks a backer can commission Pruden to write a 100 word story. That works out to a dime a word, hence, Dimeword. Alternatively backers can choose to toss in one dollar and they will have early access to all the stories written as part of the project. There are a few other perk tiers, but that’s the heart of the project. Pruden sees the project as an experiment, and a way to build up an audience for even grander plans.

Once Pruden reaches his $1000 goal and the book is released, Pruden will put the Dimeword stories into the public domain. That’s a step beyond the Creative Commons license, because once those stories are out there people will be able to do anything they want with them: even make money off of them. If they are clever enough to find a way to do that with something that’s already free.

We interviewed Pruden, whose career has spanned acting, writing and directing, through the modern convenience that is email. (more…)

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Can Kevin Kelly Lead 1000 True Fans to the Afterlife?

on Wednesday, Jun. 27th

I’m a big fan of Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly’s “1000 True Fan” hypothesis. It has influenced a lot of my thinking in the past few years about what is possible and what is sustainable with creative endeavors. So it is heartening– and maybe a little scary– to see Kelly put his money where his mouth is.

He’s released the first book in his graphic novel series The Silver Cord– a sic-fi tale about androids and the afterlife– as a free read online. At a whopping 210 pages it’s a substantial piece of work. Yet if readers want to see the conclusion of the story, Kelly is asking them to contribute to a Kickstarter fund to produce the second half. The perks include physical copies of both books, digital editions and the like.

To run the math: if Kelly can get 1000 fans to kick down $40 a piece he’ll reach the projects goal of $40K. That works out to $20 a book for the two 210 page tomes. Not a bad margin even by current digital comic standards.

So far he’s only got 152 backers in play for this passion project, running in at just shy of $10K. Which means a lot of drama: can the godfather of arts crowdfunding drum up a community on the strength of free goods?

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