indiecade 2015

Indiecade 2015 Games Announced

on Tuesday, Oct. 13th

IndieCade, the annual International Festival of Independent Games held in Culver City each October, has announced the official selections for this year’s festival. Touching down in downtown Culver from Oct.23-25, this year’s festival features a mix of returning favorites, award winners, and intriguing new offerings across a plethora of genres.

Remember: IndieCade isn’t just about video games. There are “big games” which involve full physical participation, board games, and virtual reality experiments right alongside more “traditional” computer games. Whatever “traditional computer games” means these days. No one really knows. Isn’t that wonderful.

VR heads would be wise to show up and check out the selections on offer, which were curated in part by Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus and immersive journalist Nonny de la Peña. (Now that’s a couple of people who know VR.) If you’re lucky you’ll get your hands on experiences like the Proto Award winning I Expect You To Die and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Or maybe you’ll discover the next great award winning VR experience.

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IndieCade: Gaming’s Magic 8-Ball

on Wednesday, Oct. 15th

IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games, which takes place in Culver City every October holds an important role in the game industry ecosystem. I’m tempted to say “niche,” but given the prominence of indie games in the launch of the current console generation cycle “niche” undersells the influence these games have.

While the first thought is to compare the festival to the Electronic Entertainment Expo what IndieCade resembles most is the early years of ComicCon. There a growing tribe freaks and geeks discovered they were not only into the four-color antics of spandex clad heroes but the very personal stories of people who had discovered a medium perfectly suited to express the way they see the world. This revelation provided a cultural depth to what would otherwise be an exercise in entertainment marketing.


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Complete List of IndieCade 2013 Award Winners

on Tuesday, Oct. 8th

A little follow-up to yesterday's post about my own impressions of IndieCade 2013.

The complete list of winners of this year's festival have been annouced, and I'd be remiss for not sharing that with you, gentle reader.

Follow the jump to see the full list, and keep your eyes (or feed readers) on Turnstyle for more out of IndieCade 2013 in the weeks to come.


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Project Holodeck. Image: Noah Nelson

IndieCade 2013: When Indie Met Mainstream

on Monday, Oct. 7th

In most of the country, the first weekend of October is a turning point of the year. The summer heat has faded, and indoor activities are taken up to replace frolicking in the sun.

The heat in Downtown Culver City was anything but faded this past weekend, but that didn't stop crowds of enthusiastic gamers from descending on IndieCade, the annual International Festival of Independent Games.

This year the center of gravity of the festival, which invites game designers of every stripe to share their projects with the public, was the outdoor Game Walk.


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Atlas: Mapping Virtual Reality Onto The Real World

on Thursday, Aug. 1st

Anyone who grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation has had one persistent dream: to one day stand on a holodeck, that miraculous 24th century technology which can simulate any environment.

Want to run down a back alley in Gotham City? Stand against Death Eaters in the halls of Hogwarts? Visit the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise? Just step onto the holodeck and you're there.

Okay, with that last one you're already on the Enterprise, but maybe you're not allowed on the bridge. Point being: a holodeck would bring imaginary worlds to life.

Game developer Aaron Rasmussen grew up with that dream. When a friend asked him a few years ago if he could work on anything, with money as no object, he knew it would involve pursuing what is essentially the holy grail of video games.

"So then I started seriously looking at it to see what technologies were out there," said Rasmussen, "and I felt that the goggles were going to be getting close."

Which is how we get to Atlas, the new "virtual reality made real" system that Rasmussen is looking to jump start via crowdfunding. The claim that Atlas can make virtual reality experiences feel more like real life is a bold one, and warranted a first hand examination.


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Oculus VR and IndieCade Team Up To Jam

on Tuesday, Jul. 23rd

Dedicated followers of the blog will know that I can't shut up about the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset I finally got my hands on at at E3 this year.

The latest news from the folk at Irvine-based Oculus VR has me particularly pleased. The company is teaming up with IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games to launch a competition that challenges game developers to "build the most innovative virtual reality games and experiences designed specifically for the Oculus Rift".

Oculus VR is putting up $50,000 in prizes–including a trip to this October's IndieCade for the grand prize winner–for the VR Jam.


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via: Sifteo

Sifteo Cubes: Blurring the Edges of Play

on Monday, Apr. 22nd

I first encountered Sifteo Cubes back at IndieCade last October, and spent some time playing around with the little blocks which I first mistook for iPod Nanos.

The "little magic blocks" have garnered attention from some interesting game developers. For example, Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield–arguably the single most influential game designer of the past few decades–is working with the platform.

A lengthy write up in Kill Screen Daily asks if Sifteo is the new Nintendo, and while I wouldn't jump to that conclusion there is something about the potential trapped in this form that makes me think the developers may have something more than the next Tamagotchi on their hand.

This promo video goes a long way to illustrating this potential:

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IndieCade: EAST!

on Thursday, Feb. 7th

The annual IndieCade in Culver City is one of the highlights of my reporting year, and it happens just blocks from the office. Now gamers and DIY-game developers on the East Coast can enjoy the festival in their backyard when IndieCade East opens next week in Astoria, New York at the Museum of the Moving Image.

The usual combination of video games, workshops, tabletop games, speakers, and the famous night games will be available for the public to enjoy. IndieCade East runs the 15-17th. Tickets are on-sale at the Museum of the Moving Image box office.

The flier for the event is after the jump… (more…)

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Best of: Gaming

on Monday, Dec. 24th

Happy Holidays!

While we’re off stuffing our mask-holes with cakes and pies we’re still committed to bringing you a little something extra every day. Later in the week we’ll be getting around to some predictions for 2013, but right now we’re going to spin out a little “Best of Turnstyle”. Our theme for the day: gaming.

We’ve assembled some of our favorite stories from the past year from the realm of games:

Saving ‘Republique’: Turning Around A Stalled Kickstarter– we talked with producer Ryan Payton about the still in progress campaign to get his innovative game funded. Spoiler alert: they pulled it off at the last minute.

Year of the Indie Game? Our Chat w/ Stephanie Barish, CEO of IndieCade– Sometimes the headline says it all.

IndieCade Dispatch #1: Hidden in Plain Sight, Couch Co-Op, Vornheim– Part of our tour of IndieCade this past October.

Halo 4: A Hero Evolves– Our version of the NPR story we filed about the release of Halo 4, featuring interviews with the game’s producers.

Episodic Gaming Has Its Revenge– A short feature about the rise of episodic gaming and its possible future.

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App Attack: Mac Gets Retro Game Love From Good Old Games

on Monday, Oct. 22nd

For years now PC gamers have been able to enjoy the retro wonderland that is GOG, properly known as Good Old Games. GOG is a digital storefront that specializes in older PC games, wrapping them in an emulator package that enables them to run on modern hardware.

You might not be that familiar with the retro game scene, and thus might not realize how valuable the runtime environment that GOG constructs for their games is. However, if you’ve ever tried to run your old Wing Commander games in the PC you bought last year you know just what I’m talking about. I remember trying that one time, only to find out that I was going to need the reflexes of The Flash just to steer the ship. (more…)

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