Disney Launches Alternate Reality Game About Founder

on Tuesday, Jul. 9th

The mad scientists at Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development are up to their tricks again. This time the Imagineers are taking pieces of Disney history to create a story–The Optimist–that will culminate at the yearly Disney fan expo D23 in August.

Alternate Reality Games blur the line between the real world and fantasy, it's right there in the name: alternate reality. Part of the fun is figuring out what's in-game and what is real, which means that using historical facts as the backbone of an experience helps keep the illusion of reality in place, but can also lead to players learning a thing or two.


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PHOTOS: WonderCon 2012 Invades Anaheim

on Tuesday, Mar. 20th

Ah, WonderCon. Last time we met I was but the learner… and you were in San Francisco.

Not this year. Noooo… this year you’ve followed me down to Southern California. You say it’s because they’re making extensive renovations to Moscone Center, but I know the real reason. You just can’t get enough of me. Plus by having the Anaheim Convention Center play host you got to spend your after-hours at Disneyland.

Alright… the stars are easier to drag down to Anaheim too. There were so many panels about movies. You even got to see the Prometheus trailer before anyone else. I think that’s just because you’re jealous of your big sister ComicCon and how much attention she gets every July.

Still, you know me. I come for the comic book news, and I have to admit, you kinda let me down a bit on that account. DC didn’t really offer up anything earth-shattering and Marvel saved their news that Brian Wood would be writing both the regular and Ultimate versions of the X-Men for Sunday. Who saves their announcements for the last day of con? At least legendary comics writer Mark Waid had some really interesting thoughts to share about digital comics. He’s even giving out a sample of what he’s been working on.

Ah, to heck with it WonderCon, we both know that these people don’t care about comics and they already watched the movie trailers. They just want to see the cosplayers. That’s the REAL reason to come to Con these days.

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