King Kendrick Memes

on Friday, Aug. 16th

Hundreds of memes have been created in the aftermath of Kendrick Lamar’s controversial verse on Big Sean’s “Control.” The verse had the internet ablaze, as everyone from rappers to average Joes were talking about Kendrick, the self proclaimed “King of New York”.


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Revolt TV: Music Television for a new Generation

on Friday, Aug. 16th

When I discovered Revolt TV a few weeks back, I got really excited because it was being marketed as if it was a television network that would highlight social issues and also showcase dope music. But when I realized Sean Diddy Combs was spearheading the project, I cringed, thinking to myself, “I hope this doesn’t turn out to become another BET”.

Diddy is already known for his marketing expertise, so I was really interested in seeing how he would approach this new venture. He’ll have to make sure that it doesn’t become “Diddy TV,” seeing as how he becomes the face of everything he touches. In order to maintain the “grassroots” appeal the network is aiming for, it would be best if Diddy wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when thinking of Revolt TV.


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For Women Launching Start-ups: Inspire the Next Generation

on Tuesday, Jul. 23rd

Last week, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Founder and CEO of Joyus; Kelsey Falter, Founder and CEO of Poptip; and Heather Marie, Founder and CEO of 72Lux, were awarded Next Generation Awards from L’Oreal.

In a Skype interview with Tech Crunch, when asked about the issues facing women start-up entrepreneurs, the three talked about young girls in school being discouraged from pursuing tech, the lack of female role models in the field, and the importance of parental support.

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The New Instagram: Bid Your Peaceful Scrolling Goodbye

on Thursday, Jun. 20th

On Thursday, Instagram unleashed to its 130 million monthly users the ability to shoot and share 15 second videos, dressed up with one of 13 special filters.

As an Instagram fanatic, this Vine-like version of the photo sharing phenomenon takes away from the simple joys the app once brought me.

Even though the tech press saw the update as a widely expected move, it completely blindsided me, your average user. Due to the success of Twitter’s Vine, I can see why Instagram execs would think it a good move, but Instagram failed to realize what it stands to lose– users who do not like long load times.

Instagram was essentially a paradox. It was an escape from the fast paced world around us…to well, the world around us, enhanced. From its nostalgic Polaroid logo, to the peaceful scrolling of one’s feed, the app seemed to slow things down just a little bit.

Which is exactly why integrating loud and fast-paced videos takes away from the Instagram experience for me. I’m not used to having an inadvertent thumb tap lead to a video and audio feed that suddenly disrupts my scrolling flow.

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Image: Power A

REVIEW: MOGA PRO Game Controller for Android

on Wednesday, May. 22nd

The Moga Pro game controller for Android devices aims to take mobile gaming to the next level. The Pro brings a more traditional-controller feel with its dual analog sticks and rubber like grip when compared to its predecessor.


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screen shot

Hot List: Mike Vick’s New Game, Wisdom from a 6-Yr-Old,Turn your iPhone into a $5000 camera

on Thursday, May. 9th

Mike Vick’s New Game (iOS Game)

So I’m not a big iOS game player, but when I saw Michael Vick was coming out with a football game I decided to check it out. Surprisingly, “Mike Vick’s Game Time” has been really fun, reminiscent of the game features from NFL Blitz. The 4-on-4 offense only game focuses on throwing the perfect pass by leading your receiver, anticipating cuts and bullet passing. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Mike Vick-inspired video game without the quarterback being able to tuck the ball down and juke and spin his way down the field. A must-download game for any football lover even those Madden enthusiasts.- Kent Foster


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Required Reading for Obama: Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In”

on Thursday, Apr. 4th

Attorney General of California Kamala Harris is trending on Twitter today, thanks to some “flattering words” from President Obama at a fundraiser in Atherton, Ca. After saying Harris is “brilliant” and “tough,” he didn’t hesitate to also remark on her looks, calling her “by far the best looking Attorney General.” He followed by saying “It’s true, c’mon” to an amused crowd.

It makes me wonder if you would ever hear the President comment on Attorney General Eric Holder’s looks, or John Boehner’s — probably not.

In fact, around the same time, a similar point was being made by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to discuss her manual for modern women in the workplace, “Lean In.”

Sandberg pointed out that gender biases are ingrained early, telling of a national retailer “that printed up onesies for babies…for the boys: ‘Smart like Daddy,’ and the girls: ‘Pretty like Mommy.’ — at 4:28

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Kate Stone

Digital DJing Looks Good On Paper – And It Works

on Friday, Mar. 22nd

Kate Stone has advanced some futuristic technology, turning simple construction paper into turntables that actually play music.

Youth Radio and Turnstyle had the honor of hosting this inventor who wants to change the way we think about electronics. It’s awe-inspiring to watch Stone’s as-yet-unnamed creation in action: you touch your simulated turntables on a piece of paper, and you’re controlling the DJ app on the iPad sitting five feet away from you. Every function that’s available on an analog turntable, including blending songs and scratching records, is also possible with Stone’s technology.

Besides just music, this technology has promise for other fields like education, where it could help meet literacy gaps.
Say a child is learning how to read, and he doesn’t understand a particular word. He could run his fingers over a sentence printed on Stone’s paper, hooked up to speakers, and it could offer pronunciation help. Of course, there are some apps for the iPad and other tablets that can do this already. But when you think globally about needs in developing countries, this technology is much cheaper than buying iPads.

Digital DJing Looks Good On Paper – And It Works from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.

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Lupe Fiasco, Wellness Ambassador

on Tuesday, Mar. 12th

Rapper Lupe Fisaco is in the news again for something other than his music, but this time he’s not stepping on any toes. (more…)

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Teens Help Push Pheed to Top of App Store

on Tuesday, Feb. 26th

If you haven’t heard of Pheed yet, it’s probably because you’re not around my age (21) or younger.

After creating an account I realized Pheed was “thee” social network of social networks, possessing the qualities I love about Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, and Instagram all in one. It even allows users to create a pay-per-view-type show that they can charge audiences to watch. While scanning Twitter yesterday, I saw that The Game tweeted a link to his Pheed channel. My jaw hit the ground when I found out that Pheed was at the top of the Apple charts for social networking apps, even beating out Facebook and Twitter.

Although it’s been out for half a year, Pheed just spiked about a week ago thanks to help from popular teens like Acacia Brinley (who?!?!) whose tweet “@Pheed sickest app,” sent thousands of teens to create their own channels. I have been ranting for quite some time now about how Facebook is becoming the preferred social media platform of my parents’ generation. With Pheed’s emergence, we finally have another one to claim as our own.

via LinkedIn

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Ralph Echemendia

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Gumroad Rentals H

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