About Turnstyle

Turnstyle is an online information service powered by creative, culturally diverse young adults (18-34) serving as producers, reporters, writers, and engaged audiences.

Turnstyle delivers a mix of news, opinion, commentary, and entertainment produced by bloggers, filmmakers, photographers, and poets. It’s content with an edge that has visual allure and eclectic pacing.

Who is the editorial team?

Turnstyle’s editorial team is comprised of seasoned news managers with experience spanning public and commercial broadcast as well as online news.

What is your editorial process?

Stories are pitched to and solicited by the editorial team. Material is considered based on its originality, newsworthiness, currency, relevance to our target demographic, and correspondence with our mission:  to bring our audience the best of digital culture, governed by public media values and standards.

All of Turnstyle’s stories are reviewed, edited, and published by a member of the editorial team. All comments are moderated.

Who are Turnstyle’s contributors?

Turnstyle’s contributors fall along a wide spectrum of young talent with an eye for intriguing news. They include seasoned news reporters; emerging arts and culture bloggers; prominent poets; and sophisticated photographers and filmmakers. Many contributors are longtime media makers who work closely with Turnstyle editors to expand and deepen their reporting practice for distribution via our site.

How can I contribute?

We’re always looking for intriguing stories for an 18-34 year old demographic. If you have a pitch, simply send us an email to editors[at]turnstylenews.com for story consideration.

Where else can I read Turnstyle?

Turnstyle content is regularly featured on NPR, Huffington Post and Boing Boing. Our coverage has also been featured on Time, Gizmodo and Guanabee Media.

What are you looking for in contributors?

We’re looking for seasoned multimedia journalists who are curious about the world around them. We strive to cover content across the United States, but international pitches and stories are welcomed.

How old is Turnstyle?

We launched Jan 18, 2011 and we’re pumped!


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