Fusion’s VR experience takes viewers inside a fusion reactor - Image: Samsung

The Indie VR Scene Is Real, So Says Wired

on Tuesday, Aug. 18th

This Wired piece about how Samsung is putting its money—and all kinds of other resources—where its mouth is on virtual reality is all kinds of interesting.

The emphasis is on VR cinema which has all kinds of technical and artistic challenges, but which also creates magic when it works right. That doesn’t mean that the piece shies away from the problems.

In fact, this next paragraph is the clearest explanation of the problem facing VR I’ve read yet.

“If you see a bad video on YouTube, it’s not a big deal—you click past it. In 360 and immersive VR, if you see a bad experience, you’re vomiting on your shoes,” explains (Aaron) Koblin, (CTO of VR production company Vrse). “Right now, the cost of discovery is higher. If you have to slog through a bunch of content that’s not great, that’s going to be a painful experience in and of itself.”

For those of us who have been own the rabbit hole we know it is a price worth paying, but I fear an explosion—a gooey, chunky explosion—of cheap VR content coming at us all at YouTube and Periscope speeds. Also literally at those speeds: because choppy online video is annoying, but anything less than 60 fps is going to give you a headache in VR.

So a word of advice to those who think they can “disrupt” this technology by using the “cheaper is better” playbook: don’t.


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