GOP’s Top Brain Thinks Uber Can Save His Party

on Tuesday, Jul. 8th

Grover Norquist may not be a household name amongst the technoratti, but inside the Washington beltway he’s known as the man at the center of the Republican brain trust. When GOP Congressmen take a pledge to not raise taxes, it’s Norquist who holds the bible they swear on.

Now the man who wants to drown government in a bathtub has jumped into the debate over the so-called sharing economy. Norquist sees Uber and it’s ilk as a wedge issue that can be placed between city-dwelling Democratic voters who are culturally liberal and their working class union counterparts who provide the funding the party relies upon. From a Reuters column by Norquist and Patrick Gleason:

Yet despite the Democrats’ urban dominance, cities may soon be up for grabs. For the party’s refusal to embrace the innovative technology and disruptive businesses that have greatly improved city life presents a challenge to Democrats — and an opportunity for Republicans.

Democrats are facing a tough choice. A big part of their base is the unions now facing off against such disruptive innovations as Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and charter schools. Do Democrats support the regulations pushed by taxi and other unions that help to protect the status quo but can also stifle competition? Or do they embrace innovative technologies and businesses that expand transportation options, create jobs and are increasingly welcomed by another key Democratic constituency: urban dwellers, particularly young urban dwellers?

It’s the classic “consumers uber alles” rallying cry of the Republican party, one that paints over the real and potential dangers consumers face from unregulated industries. It’s also a line of attack that traditionally worked wonders for the GOP, because if there’s one thing Americans can be relied upon to do it’s think of themselves first and all the people who helped them get where they already are third.

Kimye comes second. Always. Did you hear about the castle in Ireland that wasn’t good enough for them? OMG.

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