Image: ConceptsiPhone, YouTube

The Cellphone of the Future Will Be (Almost) Lighter Than Air

on Tuesday, Jun. 24th

Cellphones keep getting lighter, if you don’t believe me go dig out a model from a few years back and “weigh” it in your hand. Now pick up your current phone.

Want to know how much your mobile will weigh in, say, five years? Got a dime lying around?

What wonder material is going to get us there? 3-D printed Areogels. From BGR:

Engineers at MIT and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have now come up with a method of creating aerogel-type materials with a 3D printing process called microstereolithography. The end result may remind you of cotton candy from a structural point of view, but it is super stiff and strong and able to carry a load that is 160,000 times heavier than the material itself.

Interestingly, scientists have already been able to create material with aerogel-like properties using a wide variety of substances, including ceramic, metal and polymer.

Image: ConceptsiPhone, YouTube



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