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Coming This Summer: Holographic TVs (Kinda)

on Tuesday, May. 20th

3D Movies, games, and television but without the glasses. That’s the dream, right? The spectacular failure of the last 3D TV fad–sorry, early adopters–had as much to do with the annoyance of breaking sunglasses inside as they did with the headaches that some people get from the displays.

Scientists at the MIT Media lab are readying a big step forward for 3D display technology: a glasses-free option that uses layered LCD displays to create holographic like images. The effect, as viewed through an MIT YouTube Video, is reminiscent of the Nintendo 3DS glasses-free video. A discussion of the technology at Kurzweil AI gets into some of the ramifications of the display, but the YouTube summary highlights hit the heart of the matter:

Despite impressive recent advances, holographic television, which would present images that vary with varying perspectives, probably remains some distance in the future. But in a new paper featured as a research highlight at this summer’s Siggraph computer-graphics conference, the MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture group offers a new approach to multiple-perspective, glasses-free 3D that could prove much more practical in the short term.

Instead of the complex hardware required to produce holograms, the Media Lab system uses several layers of liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), the technology currently found in most flat-panel TVs. To produce a convincing 3D illusion, the displays would need to refresh at a rate of about 360 times a second, or 360 hertz. Such displays may not be far off: LCD TVs that boast 240-hertz refresh rates have already appeared on the market, just a few years after 120-hertz TVs made their debut.

Via Kurzweil AI


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