Online Video Distributor VHX Out of Beta, Opens Door To All

on Tuesday, Mar. 11th

After two years in beta online video distribution site VHX has opened up to the public.

Co-founded by Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson–the team previously best known for the innovative, Emmy Award winning Star Wars Uncut–VHX has allowed a select group of filmmakers use their platform for selling their wares on demand. Film of note so far have included Indie Game: The Movie and We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktavists which both found a robust audience online.

Now anyone can use VHX to sell their videos.

With the ending of the beta comes some big changes, and so far they appear to be for the best. VHX is lowering their pricing now charging 10% + $0.50 per transaction to filmmakers, which is down from the original 15-20%. That's a steep contrast with, say, iTunes which goes in for a 30% cut. That 10% covers all services VHX provides.

VHX is also opening up their platform beyond film and TV to all kinds of videos. All those weird aisles you remember in the local video store? They will be represented in the VHX catalog soon enough. Sort-of.

The service is fundamentally different from the iTunes Store and Valve's Steam in that it is not a marketplace but a technology platform. That means no trolling the virtual aisles of VHX to find all those weird little vids. Instead VHX forms the backbone for distribution on a creator's own site. Which means that the Internet as a whole is the video store with the weird aisles, an apt description of  the world wide web if there ever was one.

VHX isn't alone in this market. Rival Vimeo, of which co-founder Pugh was once an employee, has been in the sale and rental racket for a while now. The "and rental" is a big differentiator between the two: VHX is sales-only. The larger aims of the two companies are quite different, however. VHX is looking to become an end-to-end distribution solution for creators and distributors, while Vimeo has spent time cultivating an audience of their own.


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