Either Newsweek Blew It, Or Dorian S. Nakamoto Is A Clever Actor

on Friday, Mar. 7th

Newsweek is standing by its story that they have uncovered the identity of Bitcoin founder “Satoshi Nakamoto” as one Dorian S. Nakamoto, despite the man’s insistence that he is not the person they are looking for.

Not that anyone would expect the notoriously elusive Bitcoin creator to fess up if caught, but the interview that Dorian S. Nakamoto gave to an Associated Press reporter who was part of the media circus that erupted in front of his house pokes holes in the veracity of the published story.

Dorian S. Nakamoto refers to Bitcoin as “Bitcom” to the AP reporter, and claims that his statement to Newsweek’s Leah McGrath Goodman misinterpreted his statements about “no longer involved with that” as being about Bitcoin when he meant engineering. The AP reporter implies that this Nakamoto appears sincere in his denials, but following AP tradition doesn’t go so far as to provide analysis.

Meanwhile the online “Satoshi Nakamoto” account that has been the source of public communications from the Bitcoin founder has issued a denial he (she? it?) is Dorian S. Nakamoto.

Which is exactly what you’d expect the account to do, so that’s not exactly helpful. The most distressing possibility comes up late in the AP piece:

Nakamoto said he believes someone either came up with the name or specifically targeted him to be the fall guy for the currency’s creation.

If Dorian S. Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin, then he possesses character traits that did not come through in the Newsweek article. Namely that of being someone shrewd enough to dupe a reporter into thinking he’s a befuddled retired software engineer. This means that Newsweek blew it in their psyche profile of Nakamoto, one way or another. It also means that the hunt likely continues.

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