Will Android be the OS of the Internet of Things?

on Wednesday, Feb. 12th

Google’s Android operating system can be found in devices far beyond smartphones. Kitchen appliances and ebook readers utilize Android and a consortium of auto manufacturers have even decided to use the OS in cars. Computer Weekly’s Adrian Bridgwater spoke with journalist Dana Blankenhorn about the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) and if Google’s OS has a leg up on becoming the heart of the system.

Blankenhorn asserts the following, “The Internet of Things is too big to be contained by one operating system. Anyone who isn’t thinking interoperability isn’t thinking.”

Actually we may very likely find that building the right APIs and making sure those APIs have all the right gateways and features is more important than the operating system.

Bridgwater counters with the  Open Automotive Alliance example: if enough car manufacturers jump on the Android train that system’s API structure might become the default, in the way that Windows became the default thanks to Microsoft Office. Apple’s rumored struggles to get iOS into cars–Apple doesn’t always play well with other’s hardware, not so much from a technical but a business standpoint–take on a whole new level of gravity in this light.

The real question: should any one corporation have all that much influence over what will  likely be the most significant advancement of networked technology since the dawn of the Internet itself?

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