Target Hack Gets Weirder

on Wednesday, Feb. 5th

The details of the security breach at Target stores which lead to millions of customer’s credit card information being stolen just keeps getting stranger. KrebsOnSecurity has the latest scoop:

Last week, Target told reporters at The Wall Street Journal and Reuters that the initial intrusion into its systems was traced back to network credentials that were stolen from a third party vendor. Sources now tell KrebsOnSecurity that the vendor in question was a refrigeration, heating and air conditioning subcontractor that has worked at a number of locations at Target and other top retailers.

Our networked world, ladies and gentlemen. Where your HVAC vendor can lead to your senior executives being brought before Congress to beg forgiveness.

At the rate the news about Target is developing and given that more retailers are coming clean about breaches of their own I’m beginning to wonder if there are any systems out there that are not compromised. Maybe it’s time to go back to using cash.


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