BEST OF: Graphene, The Wonder Material

on Wednesday, Dec. 25th


Font of wonders! Bastion of hope in a dark world!

Accidental creator of half of our problems; but let’s not focus on that right now!

The march of progress brought us our current industrialized world, and by gosh the march of progress is our best shot at overcoming all the nastiness (e.g. climate change) that came with it.

I first heard about graphene–a the super thin, super-strong, electrically conductive material–from the blog Ultraculture. Since then I’ve been obsessively tracking news of the subject.

There have been breakthroughs in its use as a battery technology and a defense contractor has found a way to use the material for desalination of water. Not that it has been all flowers and puppies. Graphene particles are so tiny that they have proven toxic to human tissue.

This may only be an industrial concern, however, so maybe we’ll get iPhone batteries that charge fully in five minutes and a Tesla that can drive the length of California on a single charge before the seas swallow us whole.


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