Filmmaker Ryan Coogler. Image: James Kaelan for Bright Ideas

Seed & Spark To Launch Print Mag For Indie Film Fans

on Tuesday, Dec. 3rd

Our friends at Seed & Spark are going old school on us. They’re launching a semi-annual print magazine for independent film audiences.

The crowdfunding and distribution platform founded by Emily Best (@emilybest) will put the first issue of their mag, dubbed BRIGHT IDEAS (@BrightIdeasMag), during the upcoming Sundance Film Festival in January.

The first issue will feature a profile of “Fruitvale Station” director Ryan Coogler, seen above in a photo shoot for the magazine by James Kaelan.

Press release after the jump.

Print is Not Dead!

Seed&Spark Launches an Innovative Semi-annual Print Magazine Aimed at Independent Film Audiences.

Los Angeles, CA — Seed&Spark, the world’s first crowdfunding and distribution platform for independent filmmakers, will launch BRIGHT IDEAS, a semi-annual print magazine for independent film audiences.

Debuting at Sundance 2014, BRIGHT IDEAS will be dedicated to the profiles, articles and musings befitting the creative innovators and rule-breakers of independent film it will cover. Amongst many others, the first issue will include profiles of Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station), Kat Candler (the forthcoming Hellion), and Cary Fukunaga (HBO’s True Detective, Sin Nombre).

BRIGHT IDEAS is the brainchild of James Kaelan, the former Managing Editor of MovieMaker Magazine, who had an epiphany at last June’s Innovator’s Summit—part of the Los Angeles Film Festival. Hosted by Seed&Spark and Film Independent, the Innovator’s Summit was a conference of more than 50 of the top minds in independent film finance, production, festivals, press, and distribution who convened to discuss the most important uncertainties facing the future of cinema. 

Says Kaelan, “One of my key takeaways from the Summit was that everyone agreed developing and engaging audiences for independent film was far more important than any technological innovation in content delivery or monetization. If we can’t get people to watch and share the films we make, no app is going to save us.”

The Innovators’s Summit resulted in a White Paper, one of the conclusions of which was that “in a world of increased fragmentation and transparency, ‘Social Capital’ emerges as the great currency for filmmakers/brands. The role of the press and a creative team’s facility with social media are crucial components here.” 

“The conclusions of the summit led us to examine the ways in which innovative companies were building social capital with independent film audiences,” says Seed&Spark founder and CEO, Emily Best. “Social capital is really the trust and reputation within the community they serve. We knew we couldn’t just rely on social media, that we had to reach out to the smart, savvy audiences where we knew they were convening, but we weren’t sure how. Enter James Kaelan.”


Soon after the Summit, Kaelan accepted a position as Seed&Spark’s Creative Director, and since then he’s been developing his answer to independent film audience engagement. “MovieMaker and Filmmaker are incredible resources for filmmakers,” says Kaelan, “but there’s a void in the market. Roughly 70 percent of film festival audiences self-nominate as ‘non-industry,’ and yet no print publication targets them specifically. The irony, of course, is that by neglecting the audience, we neglect the most indispensable component of the independent film ecosystem.”

The first issue of the magazine will be distributed for free exclusively at Sundance, True/False, SXSW, Tribeca, and SFiFF.


BRIGHT IDEAS is the only print magazine dedicated to engaging independent film audiences where they see the most innovative films: the festival circuit. Filled with the best original photography, profiles, and original essays, BRIGHT IDEAS will endorse groundbreaking creators while simultaneously challenging film-lovers to support the work they love.



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