Fullscreen Invites Third-Party Apps Onto Their Video Creator Platform

on Tuesday, Nov. 19th


YouTube multi-channel network Fullscreen views themselves as a technology company first and a content company second, and today they rolled out another tool for video creators that proves they put their money where their mouth is.

Partners of Fullscreen already take advantage of the Fullscreen Creator Platform, a dashboard interface that helps them manage their content and earnings. The platform is at the heart of Fullscreen’s vision for a tech-centric methodology for YouTube creators. The short version: give those who sign with Fullscreen the best tools possible for them to become a success on their own terms.

Today Fullscreen brought in the first third-party apps into the fold, pointing the ways towards one potential future for the platform. They’re calling it “Sign In With Fullscreen” and anyone who has used a Facebook or Twitter sign-in on a website that wasn’t one of those two services will find it instantly familiar.

The third-party partners are offering VIP deals for Fullscreen creators and the company has seven partners working with them at launch.

The engineering team took the time to walk me through the sign-in process with Spreadshirt, a service that sells made-to-order merchandise. From the “creator” side the sign-in was frictonless: clicking the box on the Fullscreen dash sends the user to special sign-in page at Spreadshirt. Tapping the “Sign In With Fullscreen” button there signs in the user, ports over their Fullscreen account info, and unlocks the deal Fullscreen made with the vendor. In this case it was credit towards a merch order.

The whole experience is laid out in such a way that it makes some of the most frustrating parts of being a small-scale content creator that much more painless.

Other day one partners include a crowdfunding platform (TubeStart), audio tracks (Jingle Punks, AudioMico), live-streaming (StageIt) and more.

The company won’t disclose future plans around the partner program at present, but you’d have to be blind not to see the possibilities here. Fullscreen is always on the look-out for scaleable solutions to the problem of connecting their stable of creators with audiences and revenue. What’s impressive about “Sign In With Fullscreen” is that, according to the product team, they put this together in about a month.

With a dev team that agile, Fullscreen’s methodology just might be the biggest asset in the MCN marketplace.

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