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Twitter’s IPO: Who To Follow

on Wednesday, Nov. 6th

All eyes are on Twitter this week as the popular social media platform is expected to issue an Initial Public Offering on Wall Street, and we’ve compiled a short list of key Tweeters to follow as the market plays ping-pong with the company’s worth.

Before we get there: not everyone is excited about the IPO.

“I’m not the first person to say this, but I would pay money right now for the 2009 version of Twitter.”

Those are the words of Jay Bushman, the social media storyteller who has won an Emmy and gotten into Sundance thanks in part to his work using Twitter. Bushman’s speciality has been spinning out dramatic stories in dialog form using the messaging platform.

“Are they gonna make a lot of money from the IPO? Absolutely. But so what? They’re on the way to losing what makes Twitter so powerful. Why Twitter helps cause revolutions, and if it just becomes an avenue for famous people and companies to talk at their customers, then it’s Facebook. We’ve already got one of those.”

You can follow Bushman on Twitter at @jaybushman.

Now for that list you clicked the link for, you scamp.

Look to the skies for insight from:

  • Comedian/Entrepreneur, and former Twitter voice of the The Onion Baratunde Thurston (@baratunde)
  • Tech insider and GigaOm founder Om Malik (@om)
  • Fast Company’s Rebecca Greenfield (@rzgreenfield)
  • Technology and science reporter Christopher Mims (@mims)
  • The Atlantic’s tech ace Alexis Madrigal (@alexismadrigal)
  • For the headlines follow The New York Times’ Dealbook (@dealbook)

It might not hurt to follow the founders while you’re at it, or at least throw together a Twitter List (Hey! They’re useful, alright?) of @jack, @ev, @biz and @noah… although we probably shouldn’t expect too much from Noah Glass, given the history.

Plus you know our own tech reporter will have something to say so follow our third-person reference guru @noahjnelson.


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