Still from "The Crumbles"

Seed&Spark Launches WestFest Film Festival

on Wednesday, Sep. 18th

Seed&Spark, the crowdfunding/digital distribution platform is launching a film festival next month.

"WestFest" will take over The Hub LA in downtown Los Angeles for three nights this upcoming October 1st-3rd.

The full schedule, and notes from the Press Release, after the jump.

From The Press Release

Taking the Seed&Spark concept of film collections, called "Conversations," offline and into real life conversations, WestFest will bring together select movies already available for streaming in the Seed&Spark Cinema with discussions between expert curators, filmmakers, and the audience.  Continuing Seed&Spark's #FairTradeFilmmaking manifesto, filmmakers will take home their fair share of the ticket sales.  

For the price of a latte [$5 per night], WestFest audiences will get watch two films, take part in a conversation, and enjoy complimentary beer + wine.  And of course have that warm and fuzzy feeling of directly supporting the film community.

“We believe that films have the ability to catalyze conversations that build communities and expand circles of empathy. And we believe the inherent intimacy of the festival experience creates a fertile environment for these conversations to start," says Emily Best, Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark. “WestFest is a beta test for an international festival series, with the goal of bringing together filmmakers and audiences around the stories that matter to them.”

Tickets on sale now!

Tuesday, October 1st @ 7:30PM – OPENING NIGHT

Films from Sundance Film Festival Programmer and Director of Ambulante Film Festival – California, Christine Davila's multi-culti Conversation, MAS AMERICAN

The Crumbles

THE CRUMBLES (Akira Boch, 73 min).  An indie rock slice-of-life tragicomedy about Darla and Elisa, two young women struggling to catapult their talented but directionless garage band to stardom. FILMMAKER IN PERSON!

Preceded by GABI (Zoe Salicrup Junco, 20 min).  Gabi Padilla thrives in a life full of pleasure and independence.  But after her mother's unexpected death, she is forced to return to her mother's rural hometown – a place where Gabi's sensual flair is not welcome.

Wednesday, October 2 @ 7:30PM – CENTERPIECE

Films from Filmmaker/Seed&Spark Founder-CEO Emily Best's Conversation, UNCONVENTIONAL WOMEN

I Send You This Place

(Andrea Sisson & Pete Ohs, 68 min).  Part memoir, part travelogue, part philosophical rumination, I SEND YOU THIS PLACE is an exploration of mental illness and operates as such – embracing obsession and delusion as it focuses on a sister's struggle to understand her brother's schizophrenia.  FILMMAKERS IN PERSON!

Preceded by CAFE REGULAR, CAIRO (Ritesh Batra, 11 min).  A young couple find themselves speaking about things they have never spoken about before as they try to find their own place in a changing world.

Thursday, October 3 @ 7:30PM – CLOSING NIGHT

Films from Twitch Film's East Coast Editor Ben Umstead's upcoming Conversation on the immediacy of distance, SHARED SPACES (launching Sept 23)

THE SOUND OF SMALL THINGS (Peter McLarnan, 75 min).  Sam, a hobby musician and copywriter, and Cara, a survivor of a mysterious accident resulting in a loss of hearing, are navigating a fragile young marriage.  A series of secrets and interlopers begin to blur the borders of truthful communication between them, upsetting the delicate balance.

Preceded by TRUE COLOURS (Barney Elliott, 10 min).  Neil picks up his wife Sharon on the way to the supermarket.  She can see he has a fat lip, and she's not buying his story. Inside, Neil's threshold is tested and Sharon finds him in yet another impossible situation – this time changing their family unit forever.


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