NPR’s CodeSwitch: Who’s Really Left Out Of The CrossFit Circle

on Monday, Sep. 16th

This is a story about what not to share on Facebook.

Recently the CrossFit HQ Facebook page posted what the page manager thought was a bit of satire about how African-Americans don’t like CrossFit, America’s latest fitness craze. Only it turned out to be something a lot worse.

But while the Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog post appeared to be satire — the blog’s name was a riff on the popular, defunct blog called Stuff White People Like, which was written by a white dude and poked fun of the fascinations of young, creative class of white folks like himself — SBDL is maintained by advocates of a school of thought called “race realism.” (Racial realists believe that race is a biological reality and that black folks are natively intellectually inferior and inclined to violence. David Duke, the former Klan member and presidential hopeful, is a “racial realist.” You see where we’re going with this.)

It didn’t take long before hundreds of CrossFit Headquarters’ Facebook followers hammered the company for sharing the SBDL post. Before long, CrossFit headquarters issued a textbook non-apology apology on the social networking site.

Gene Demby of NPR’s CodeSwitch goes inside the story, and shows how a corporate blunder started what might be a much needed conversation.


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