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Singapore Engineers Make Breakthrough in Killer Robot Technology!

on Thursday, Sep. 5th

File this one under #SkynetWatch.

Engineers at the National University of Singapore have developed artificial muscles that at some point should be able to carry 80 times their own weight, and could lead to robots with superhuman strength.

Wait, what?

How many times do we have to tell scientists to quit using old sci-fi novels as research briefs. This quote in the Kurzweil AI report, from Dr. Adrian Koh of the University's Engineering Science Program and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, department reads like it's ripped straight out of Joss Whedon's first draft of "Avengers: Age of Ultron":

"Now, imagine artificial muscles that are pliable, extendable and react in a fraction of a second, like those of a human. Robots equipped with such muscles would be able to function in a more human-like manner – and outperform humans in strength."

Message to all scientists: work on creating Super-Soldiers THEN on the killer robots. Unless the Kaiju show up. Then you have my permission to make them all pay for having laughed at you.

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