The CrowdCrowd Episode 13

on Friday, Aug. 30th

The latest episode of the The CrowdCrowd, our weekly podcast about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing is here.

This week on the show panelists Jonathan Portisky (The Candler Blog), "Outreach Nerd" Cindy Marie Jenkins and Lucas McNelly join me, Noah Nelson as a storm brews in Ouya land once again. We also dig into the mysterious world of white-label crowdfunding. Plus our weekly picks for projects worthy of your help: the #LatteFund

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Show notes after the jump.

Show Notes

Segment One: Ouya Shenanigans

Doubts Cast on Funding for Ouya's Free the Games Recipients– Gamasutra

Comment Thread on "Elementary, My Dear Holmes" Project

Games Under Ouya's "Free the Games" Fund on Kickstarter Looking Suspicious– NeoGaf

Segment Two: Whitelabel Crowdfunding

Noah and Jon's Notes on Whitelabel platforms


  • Flat Rate 99 PRO/199 BUSINESS monthly
  • Supports choice of payment: PayPal, We Pay, Dwolla, BitPay (bitCoin)
  • Non-monetary commitments
  • Unlimited Campaigns


  • Free and open source on Github
  • For code savvy
  • self-host
  • Was a response to a kickstarter rejection
  • Simple support for Amazon Payments, can roll Stripe into it
  • By far the most popular crowdfunding code on GitHub


  • Coca-Cola is a client
  • Time limitations
  • All or Nothing and Keep what you raise options
  • Pay by credit card, Paypal, Stripe, Amazon, Google Checkout
  • Sales Force driven
  • Individual campaigns but they hide any fees


  • Really high service costs
  • Only 1% fees



The #Latte Fund

Each week the panel makes selections for crowdfunding projects that are worthy of your attention, and at least five bucks. The price of a really, really good latte in LA.

Lucas: Manson Family Vacation

Jon: Type Publish

Cindy: The Adventures of the League of Steam, Season Three

Noah: Moving Day

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