Good Old Games Want To Take Indies Under Their Wing

on Monday, Aug. 19th

Online PC Gaming store Good Old Games, known by it's URL of GOG, is shaking up their brand identity (forgive me for using that term) by reaching out to independent developers.

Like digital distribution juggernaut Steam, GOG has been carrying indie games for a while now, but it's been a sliver of their business. Now they are looking to strengthen their ties to the indie community by establishing a portal for indie devs. Gamesindustry.biz has details like this:

GOG is offering developers an advance on royalties from their games' sales. They can either accept a 70/30 developer/GOG revenue split without an advance, or take the advance and receive a 60/40 split until the advance is recouped.

If I can put the editorial hat on for a second: I like GOG. A lot. More than Steam if for the simple reason that GOG games don't have DRM.

GOG has been tiptoeing into the indie business for a while now, and this is a sign that they're taking the indie scene seriously as a business. More distributions platforms looking to promote indie games is an unequivocal good thing, if only for the fact that competition breeds innovation in these markets.

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