Meet the Girl Behind the Viral Hit “It’s Hot as Hell”

on Wednesday, Aug. 7th

She places her fingers on her temple and glowers at the screen for one suspenseful moment, before she goes OFF. You’d hate to be on the other end of that stare, but you’re not the target.

YouTube vlogger Krissychula is reading the heatwave that hit many parts of the country last month.

“It is 91 thousand damn degrees,” she seethes in the opening line of “It’s Hot as Hell.” She appears to be sitting in her home, and she’s bare shouldered, basically attached at the hip to the air conditioner, which she complains can’t cool her down fast enough. Soon enough, she turns her annoyance toward God.

“He needs to heat the houses of the people who was begging for summer all damn winter and fall. All them motherf*c#as that was making pictures and special lil telegrams,” meant for God, that is. She goes slightly cross-eyed momentarily, imitating the sun worshippers’ in their naivete. “I can’t wait to be on the beach. I can’t wait to enjoy myself and be in the sun,” she coos.

Then she snaps back to Him. “Well then you put the sun in they damn living rooms, and you make my damn living room snow!”

The Lord is out of control, she proclaims.

If you haven’t seen this, or any of the other takedowns of sexism, homophobia, and Popeye’s Chicken commercials that Krissychula has been posting online for about three years, you need to do some catching up. This one might be her crowning glory, at more than 1.4 million views, and appears to be the one that got her a call from Uncle Rush. She’s coy about what resulted from the call. But it won’t be a surprise if she gets a writing gig somewhere within Russell’s network, or to see her channel edited, polished, and programmed under with Pharrell’s imprimatur. Krissychula, who took acting classes at the Cleveland Playhouse as a kid, is a fully formed YouTube talent without an investment behind her — yet.

Turnstyle emailed her to find out more about her background as the “Hot as Hell” video was continuing its viewership climb:

TS: When you began making your videos, what were you hoping would come out of the effort?

Krissychula: First off, ALL of this was my friend Tina’s idea. She was the one that said I should make videos because other people would find me funny too. So I just made one with her to see what would happen. I made a video to Trey Songz on the off chance enough people would find it funny and he would one day see it hahahaha. Once again, ALL Tina’s idea (the girl in the video with me). I really didn’t expect anything to come from them. I just needed 1. a place to store my vids 2. my friends to look at them and laugh.

TS: How would you describe the videos you make, and how has your style changed over time?

Krissychula:I just talk shit or make up songs. I post whatever is going on in my head that I think is good enough for other people to see/hear. I think over the years I’ve learned to get to the point quicker. I’ve noticed that I have started to edit myself more. None of my videos are scripted. I press record and go. I have “rehearsed” some. I’ll press record, review it and then tweak it but that was only on about three of my videos. I decide what to post based on if I think it’s funny and if my friends think it’s funny because my friends are hilarious so I feed off of them.

TS: Who are your favorite YouTube vloggers, and why?

Krissychula: Some of my favs are: Kidfury, his wordplay is phenomenal to me. He’s really more creative than I think a lot of people give him credit for. I wish that I could come up with half the stuff he’s said before. Heyfranhey: I am thoroughly convinced that she works with Jesus to make the world healthier. I love her energy and she’s helped me a lot in my journey to being healthier overall. Kain Karter: he’s funny as hell, enough said. I’m subscribed to a lot of natural hair vloggers (Naptural85, Taren916, haircrush, longhairdontcare2011, Naturalneiicey) all of their hair is PORN!! looove them! Also, I live for B. Scott!! Dormtainment (I have crushes on all of them hahaha) Also, Issa Rae (with Awkward Black Girl, that show is gold!)

Krissy says she’s glad that she can make other people feel good, and that she accepts love in the form of Chipotle gift cards.


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