Summer WebSeries Heat Up

on Friday, May. 31st

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There's not such thing as a "traditional" TV season when it comes to webseries. The very idea of a season kind of defeats the point of the always-on, on-demand web world.

That being said here's how you defeat him… oops. Sorry. Still processing some Spock-related trauma. (Spoilers!)

If your prime target is teenagers and college students–and YouTube's surely is*–then you'd be some kind of crazy fool not to look at the summer vacation months as an ideal time to launch your shows.

Which is exactly what's going on with some of the most ambitious teen focused series this year.

The immensely popular, Kickstarter money powered Video Game High School is coming

back for a second season in mid-July. This launch is timed to take advantage of ComicCon, a move usually associated–like summer–with blockbuster motion pictures.

Writing "motion pictures just then made me feel old. Perhaps I should selfie a daguerreotype and my destiny will be complete.

VGHS auteur Freddie Wong is pledging to film the series action sequences in 48-frames-per-second, following Peter Jackson's lead from The Hobbit. No one liked that in The Hobbit, could we finally be seeing Freddie W. make a mistake? Or does 48 fps look better on the small screen?

Another high school themed series hitting the web-waves is East Los High. This series, picked up by Hulu, focuses on a group of teenagers living in East Los Angeles. A soap opera with a social conscious and an aggressive transmedia campaign that spins out the characters across stand alone blogs, YouTube, and social media.

The series launches June 3rd.

Already in play is the follow-up to last year's surprise hit The Lizzie Bennet Diaries called Welcome to Sanditon. This time the production team has adapted an unfinished Jane Austen novel and are inviting their fans to become part of the story through the Theatrics platform.

(Shameless plug: we're talking about fan generated material, Theatrics and Sanditon at this Monday's Transmedia LA meetup in Los Angeles.)

That's just three out of zillions. What will be this year's breakout hit?

*They may, however "age in place" as the lingo goes. And don't call me Shirley.

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