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Hot List: Mike Vick’s New Game, Wisdom from a 6-Yr-Old,Turn your iPhone into a $5000 camera

on Thursday, May. 9th

Mike Vick’s New Game (iOS Game)

So I’m not a big iOS game player, but when I saw Michael Vick was coming out with a football game I decided to check it out. Surprisingly, “Mike Vick’s Game Time” has been really fun, reminiscent of the game features from NFL Blitz. The 4-on-4 offense only game focuses on throwing the perfect pass by leading your receiver, anticipating cuts and bullet passing. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Mike Vick-inspired video game without the quarterback being able to tuck the ball down and juke and spin his way down the field. A must-download game for any football lover even those Madden enthusiasts.- Kent Foster

Wisdom From a 6-Yr-Old (Video)

I can’t seem to stop watching The Scared is Scared, a short Vimeo featured video where a six-year-old describes his ideal movie. At first, it just seems like a silly art school video experiment — two men, one in a mouse costume and the other in a bear costume go through the narrator’s prescribed actions, playing and visiting a public swimming pool on the day it will close for winter. The real gem of the video, though, is in its latter half, when the producer asks the kid how he deals with things that scare him. The result is a heartwarming and surprisingly mature message that, in the wake of the recent tragedies in Boston and Newtown, we would all do well to remember. 7:52 by Bianca Giaever – Teresa Chin

Turn your iPhone into a $5000 camera (iPhone Trick)

FilMic Pro helps you get the full function of the iPhone’s already decent camera. It shoots at 24 frames a second, which is camera talk for high definition picture. This app, along with a cheap iPhone lens bundle, comes pretty darn close to recreating the same quality as a DSLR camera. From standard concert footage to full on movies, this app gives you the power to make it happen all from your phone. –Evan Chillldress


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