Draw Like The Old Masters

on Thursday, May. 9th

I've always regretted that I never truly learned how to draw. The closest I got was being able to render images from comic books with a fair amount of fidelity.

Still, I'd look at the great illustrators or to the Old Masters and knew it was a fruitless pursuit: I'd never be good enough.

Turns out the Old Masters had a lot of help, in the form of a tool known as the Camera Lucida, a device that makes it possible to, essentially, trace a live subject.

Now a pair of art professors are looking to resurrect this lost art tool. Naturally they turned to Kickstarter, and they've already blown through their planned allotment of NeoLucidas. So what do you do when demand outstrips planned supply and you don't want to get into the manufacturing business?

You set up a waiting list, of course!

Professors Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin have no interest in going into the NeoLucida business. They considered their campaign a "provocation" not a start-up plan. They had no idea the demand would be as big as it has become–they launched on the 7th–and had previously planned on making their CAD designs and manufacturing process open-source once the initial orders were filled.

That's still the plan, only now they are fast-tracking that process. From a project update:

Yes, it's true: we have reached the limit (~2500) that we feel confident and comfortable in producing and delivering, ourselves. But we have also begun to devise plans to hand off our open-source designs to capable and understanding commercial partners. This way, the NeoLucida project can have a life beyond our limited production means.

Anyone who comes in with a $1.00 pledge will get added to a waiting list once one of these "capable and understanding commercial partners" gets a manufacturing plan together.

There's hope for my artistic aspirations yet.

Via: BoingBoing

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