The Weekender: Holiday Movie Watching Catch-Up Edition

on Thursday, Dec. 20th

If you’re one of those lucky enough to have time off for the holidays after about three days of catching up with friends and family you’re likely to go a little bonkers. You’re going to want just find a nice dark room and watch some movies.

Unfortunately your Netflix queue is so long you don’t even know where to begin. Seriously, it’s been stressing you out. Which is why you’ve only been using it to catch up on 30 Rock and sneak episodes of LA Ink when everyone thinks you’re just surfing Facebook.

What? No. I’m talking about YOU.

In any case, here’s a handy-dandy guide for what belongs on the top of your Instant Watch queue– including those that are at the top of mine– over the break.


Here’s four movies from this year’s Sundance festival that are already on Instant Watch. Only one of which I can personally vouch for, since I still haven’t seen the other three. Shock. I know. I suck. That’s also why this is the Movie Catch-Up column.

Indie Game: The Movie– Do you really want me to say more about this film? Aren’t you tired of me singing its praises yet? Fine. Read the review.

2 Days in New York– I was on a documentary kick while at Sundance this year, so I missed out on seeing Julie Delpy’s follow-up to 2 Days in Paris. She cast Chris Rock as her boyfriend, and he has to deal with her French family.

Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry– There’s a lot of pre-Oscar buzz for this documentary, which is one of the ones I missed. A look at the dissident Chinese artist who has become a symbol for free expression.

The Queen of Versailles– the opening night doc at the ‘dance, which had a nice little air of controversy about it as one of the subjects was threatening to sue. This is the same gracious guy who promised to lay off employees if Obama got reelected.


Urbanized– The final part of Gary Hustwit’s “design trilogy” promises to look at cities in the same manner that Hustwit did to industrial design and typography in Objectified and Helvetica. The only one of the three I’ve yet to see, it’s at the top of my queue because I am a nerd.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi– This 2011 film would make a great double feature with any of Hustwit’s work. The story of the man regarded as the greatest sushi chef in the world, it’s a tale of  dedication to craft and the legacies that are passed from one generation to another.


All Star Superman– The greatest Superman story ever told gets is adapted for animation. The late great Dwayne McDuffie did the script adaptation of Grant Morrison’s superhero masterwork. If the Man of Steel trailers have got your fanboy engines revved up and you don’t know All Star Superman… oh do I envy you.

I could go on but you know what’s fun? Knowing what you’re looking forward to catching up on! Share in the comments. I promise I’ll actually (shudder) read them.

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