No Easy Money: The Downside of Kickstarter

on Tuesday, Mar. 27th

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I make no secret about being excited about Kickstarter. Like, all the time excited. Which doesn’t mean that crowdfunding is a slam dunk for every filmmaker, game dev, and slam poetry artist looking to bring their vision mewling into the world.

In the wake of the titanic successes of a few indie game projects in the past month the exuberance of the game community—many of them discovering Kickstarter and its ilk for the first time– is creating some distorted expectations.

The always diligent Patrick Klepek has a story at Giant Bomb today that examines some near and possibly soon to be near crowdfunding misses.

[Borut] Pfeifer pointed to how developers still have to really, really worry about presenting and pitching their idea, especially if there’s not much to show for it, and they still have to answer to a group of invested individuals, which means creative autonomy is somewhat limited. It’s not a perfect solution.

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