Infographic: Health Care Spending Before And After Affordable Care Act

on Friday, May. 13th

The new health care bill (Affordable Care Act) that recently turned one year old continues to spark debate about our federal spending habits for insurance. One of the biggest changes we’ll see in 2014 is that health insurance companies will no longer be able to deny people coverage who have pre-existing conditions.

The below infographic compares the health care spending in the U.S. to other countries between 2000 – 2007 – NOT taking into account the changes since the Affordable Care Act.

Here are some health care budget items that have changed since 2007:

Total Spending
– According to the Congressional Budget Office, the provisions of the laws related to health insurance coverage will have a net cost to the Treasury from changes in direct spending and revenues of $1.1 trillion between 2012 – 2021. [Compared to the$2.2 trillion the  U.S. spent on health care in 2007.]

Maternity Leave

– The Institute for Women’s Policy Research reported on the state of maternity / paternity care as of 2011. [12 weeks unpaid leave is still the U.S. policy as seen in the infographic.]

Once mothers return to work, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care provides for nursing breaks and a private, sanitary place for most mothers basis to express breast milk until the child is one year old. Employers with employees can seek a hardship exemption to mandate. The employer has time to express milk but does not have to pay her during that time.

Per Capita Spending
– According to Standard and Poors analysis: The average per capita cost of health care services covered by commercial insurance and Medicare programs increased by 6.19% over the 12-months ending February 2011. But the per capita spending as of 2011, is $7,290. [Compared to $7,500 in 2007 as seen below.]

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Public vs Private Healthcare Around the World | Infographic |
Via:MPH Degree
It will be interesting to see how the U.S. looks next to its global neighbors after 2014 – when the next big provisions in the Affordable Care Act roll out. For more specifics on the Affordable Care Act, check here.


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