Top 5 Young Bay Area Music Video Directors

on Tuesday, Mar. 15th

It seems that in hip hop the union of lyrics and beats has expanded into a trifecta– beats, rhymes, & visual. Nowadays it’s not only important to perfect the sound of your music but also the visuals that accompany it. With the rise of internet vitality and cheaper, more user-friendly video cameras, just about anyone can make a music video. If you’re from the Bay and you need a music video that’s going to look like it could be on MTV, whether you’re a baller on a budget or a certified boss, these are the five Bay Area bred and based directors you want behind the camera.

5. Brian Storm (Dream Chaser Films)

Brian Storm has been pushing his visual aesthetic to the younger generation of Bay Area artists like Y.T. Flin$tone, League510, and Moe Green. His style is a bit soft but still clean enjoyable and it lends to the energy of the songs he’s directed. Word on the street is he can rival any of the other young directors in quality product in no time. No lavish lifestyle visuals here, artist come as you are and let your personality shine.

4. Kreayshawn

We seem to be more into her “bubble gum gangster boo” image than the music videos she’s created, but I will give her stripes for being unafraid to visit the grimiest hoods in Oakland for a rap video. Her hood pass has created some dope visuals with Oakland artists Ka’Ra Kersey, Nova Boy and DB Tha General. Prove just how hood or hipster you REALLY are with this director. Antics make for great b-roll.

3. Aris Jerome

Halfway mark. time to get your bread up. Aris has shot videos for more well-known Bay Area artists like Mistah F.A.B., The Pack, and E-40 and is also responsible in part to the rising success of San Francisco California-bred rapper Roach Gigz with the series of videos around current events. Best for the money in my opinion.

2. Damon Jamal (In Yo Face Films)

Damon Jamal represents the best of all of the last three filmmakers. He’s got more experience than all the directors combined, he’s a certified director for hood stars like East Oakland’s Philthy Rich, Stevie Joe and adult film star-turned rapper Pinky, and is responsible in part for E-40’s new relevancy on the internet. On a Damon Jamal set you will see rolls of hundred dollar bills, firearms, and/or strippers.

1. Colin Tilley

This guy’s work has emotion, authenticity and creativity, and his hustle has made him the most successful of the other four directors. He went from shooting with a handy cam around Berkeley, California to directing videos for Chris Brown. The 23-year-old filmmaker started out with his hometown homies The Cataracs and Bobby Brackins. The only thing that completely separates him from the rest is a bigger budget.


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