Commentary: Can White Rappers Get Racial…In A Battle?

on Thursday, Mar. 3rd

I’ve been watching these videos of emcees battling where the racial daggers come out

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In this first vid we see the white rapper, Casper, call a Black kid (who’s actually mixed) a “nigger

“’ Later he talks about lynching him

Is that taking it too far, or is that fair game in a battle?

In the second video we see a Persian rapper named Dizaster go off on his opponent A-Class with the Asian disses

It’s a bit over the top

Is this latent racism or good battle strategy? Can a we start making holocaust jokes in a battle? Or do like the deejays did on Hot 97 a few years back and make fun of Southeast Asians drowning after a tsunami?  Can we do like Cipher Sounds and make fun of Haitian women claiming they have AIDS? Where do we draw the line in Hip Hop? Are these battles an excuse to unleash racist attitudes?

Some of the responses from Davey D’s comment stream:

Doublemcee says:

Disrespect is disrespect

Todays battle shows the retardation of a art form or at a essential component for it

The whole premise of battling is about who will go “there” and can they do it in a fashionable way

From Mothers to baby mommas , race, class, and cash

So why would a person on a disrespectful tirade limit themselves by not including well tested concrete verbal offenses such as racial slurs

Battle Rappers/Emcees is a chamber best left to lunchroom table knocking and adolescent youths who have shit to prove

Grown men need to be engaging in more fruitful discourse other than shit talking

Squareone says:

With questions like this are presented, I suppose the only answer is: “It depends

I remember a few years back with MC Jin in rap battles

Pretty much anyone black or white was allowed to come in with all kinds of chink, immigrant, whatever lines they wanted, and though I’m sure that Jin overcame them in his own way (and I don’t remember if he ever came back at them with the racial slurs, though I’m sure he must have from time to time), but it was hardly as if he was allowed to start throwing around n-words and sometimes, it just got ugly

Rap battles get ugly, no doubt, but at the end of the day we gotta keep it respectful or we’re just reinforcing negativity

So I’d say, if you’re gonna make it cool to say chink, and make it all about race for them, don’t get mad if they try to come back the same

But if you don’t want people to use the n-word, show them the same courtesy and think of some real punchlines

And that ain’t to say that race should be a taboo subject in a battle, but when a white, hispanic, or asian rapper goes into battle and the first line is always cracker, wetback, and chink, you gotta start questioning what’s really going on

See the videos and weigh in at


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