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Youth Radio Podcast: Do Vape Pens Trick Teens?

on Wednesday, Mar. 5th

According to the CDC, the use of e-cigarettes has doubled in popularity among middle and high school students. And now the FDA is considering regulating them as tobacco products. Youth Radio explores what’s attracting young teens to “vaping” and the dangers they might be facing.

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on Tuesday, Mar. 4th launched out of beta back in December, offering playlists that source songs from multiple music sharing services, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Rdio, Spotify and most recently, Dr. Dre’s Beats.

A fun fact to consider: adding YouTube in’s list of music players means that you will not only get playlists from the unsigned “YouTube famous” artists, but you’ll get a music video and even special live or studio performances thrown in the mix.

The platform also has a player for web publishers that’s currently in use on Rap Genius.

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Youth Radio Podcast: New Tools and Traditions Take Hold in Public School

on Thursday, Sep. 26th

This week on the Youth Radio podcast: As the school year is underway, we explore two classrooms where the teachers are introducing new tools and traditions to the public school system.

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Youth Radio Podcast: How Covering Pop Hits On YouTube Can Pay the Bills

on Monday, Sep. 23rd

Online video sharing site YouTube is this generation’s MTV. Artists like Gotye and PSY have found mainstream success after their videos went viral. Yet the number of cover songs — from toddlers singing The Beatles to teens tackling Led Zeppelin — eclipses original work by a long shot. Between those two extremes is an alternative universe of aspiring professional musicians who use cover songs on YouTube to build fan bases of their own. What these musicians once did for love and fame is starting to pay off in cold, hard cash. Youth Radio’s Noah Nelson reports on the viral cover song business.

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Youth Radio Podcast: Are Millennial Teenagers More Narcissistic?

on Thursday, Sep. 5th

Are teens today more narcissistic than ever before? Some psychologists are pointing to a personality test called the Narcissism Personality Inventory, which seems to indicate that millennials have a historically high sense of self-obsession. But not everyone thinks the test is a great tool to use on teens, who may need an inflated sense of self to protect themselves against the natural pitfalls of puberty.

In this week’s podcast, Youth Radio’s teen reporters turn the lens on themselves as they investigate their own narcissism scores, and interview an expert on what this trend might mean for the success of the next generation.

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Youth Radio Podcast: A Young Musician Learns To Listen From Silence

on Wednesday, Aug. 14th

John Mayer, R. Kelly, and Adele are the most recent additions to a long list of musicians that have had to undergo vocal cord surgery. On this week’s episode, a 21-year-old college student and singer/songwriter tells her story of undergoing vocal cord surgery and vocal rehabilitation over summer break.

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Youth Radio Podcast: Staying Connected In The Cell Phone Age

on Wednesday, Aug. 7th

This week on the Youth Radio podcast – our love affair with cell phones. For many teenagers, they’re a primary mode of connection. But the costs – financial and emotional — can add up fast. We’ll hear how to control your cell phone bill, and how to make the best of your texting faux pas.

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Youth Radio Podcast: The Precedent to Fruitvale Station’s Big Moment

on Wednesday, Jul. 31st

This week on the Youth Radio podcast, Turnstyle News reporter Nishat Kurwa talks with ‘Fruitvale Station’ director Ryan Coogler about the link between the lessons of his film and the story of Trayvon Martin.

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Youth Radio Podcasts: A Critical Look at MOOCs

on Thursday, Jul. 25th

This week on the Youth Radio podcast, we examine a growing trend in higher education: massive open online courses. We talk with a UC professor who currently teaches 4,000 students through free online college course provider, Udacity. In our second segment, we talk with the CEO of Brilliant, a website that challenges students who are accelerating past their school’s lesson plans.

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Youth Radio Podcast: Growing Up Black, Watching Your Back

on Thursday, Jul. 18th

Youth Radio’s Myles Bess is an African American teenager who’s the same age as Trayvon Martin was when he was killed. Since the Zimmerman verdict, Myles has been searching for solutions to what he sees clearly as injustice and racism in America. He starts to find answers in a dialogue with black men, young and old.

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Tribeca’s Storyscapes Returns For An Epic Second Year

The Tribeca Film Festival leapt into the vanguard of transmedia art last year with the inaugural edition of Storyscapes, an event led by TriBeCa’s Director of Digital Initiatives Ingrid Kopp.



Simple Machine Announces Micro-Festival Grants

We’ve been keeping up with Simple Machine, the independent film curation tool for festival and art house programmers, since running across their booth at South By Southwest last year.


Transmedia Beat: Bernie Su’s “Emma Approved” Monetization Secrets

Disclosure: I’m one of the organizers of Transmedia LA, so take any excessive positivity with a grain of salt.


First Ever Crappy Awards Target SF’s Tech Industry

Inspired by the sly tradition of the Razzie Awards, which commemorate the worst of Hollywood, San Francisco fair housing advocates are kicking off “The Crappy Awards” tonight in the city’s art’s district.


Image Disruptor: Flag Looks To Upend Photo Printing Through The Magic of Free

Flag, a photo printing start-up that is holding a barnstorming 14-day Kickstarter campaign right now, turned up on my radar this week thanks to John Gruber’s Daring Fireball.