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on Wednesday, Dec. 19th


Do you remember the last time Yahoo! had a product coup? It was in the days before Google. Now, in what may be the greatest bit of timing in the history of the company, the Marissa Mayer-headed Yahoo! has unleashed a new Flickr app just as Instagram is having a PR implosion. Sure, you still need to pay if you want to see more than your latest 200 photos, but the fees are negligible if you’re even remotely serious about photography. Irony: a lot more of us are, thanks to Instagram. The Flickr app has a good suite of editing tools as well as those now-ubiquitous filters. No tilt-shift yet, which gives me the sads. Still, Flickr is suddenly the hot spot to be. - Noah Nelson

The Cultural Explosion of First Fridays (Event)

For me, 2012 was the year of First Fridays, an event that’s become the San Francisco Bay Area’s new hot spot.
First Fridays in Downtown Oakland started off with gallery owners wanting to coordinate within their small community to create a one-day celebration of local art. It’s grown to become a full-blown street festival celebrating creativity, diversity, and everything “Oakland.” The tipping point for First Fridays was Occupy Oakland’s “May Day” bringing thousands of occupiers to the street, meshing perfectly with the already “artsy” scene. It got even bigger when it became an instant “trending” topic on social media networks. Festival goers began posting YouTube videos of the large crowds and spontaneous musical sideshows while the night was still in progress, to show those who weren’t there what they were missing out on. Now, with crowds as big as 20,000 people, the street festival goers can jam with musicians and DJs, support Oakland by eating from local food vendors and food trucks, and get inspired by the numerous galleries and interactive art spaces. On any given First Friday you might find a legendary Bay Area rapper, a Silicon Valley hot shot, trendy youngsters, and middle aged couples drinking wine, all within the same block. -Kenny Foster


Augmented Reality: German Firm Shows Off Touch Based UI

We seem to be on a collision course with wearable computing.



Will VR’s Killer App Make You Sick?

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera has a close-in look at the design philosophy going into Eve: Valkyrie, the “killer app” for virtual reality systems.

Image: Rachel I. Berman (Alice); Publicity image by Darial Sneed for Then She Fell.

Immersive Cinema And The Age of Voxelpunk

In the wake of the Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR the issue of the future of virtual reality beyond games has stepped into the media spotlight.


Tribeca’s Storyscapes Returns For An Epic Second Year

The Tribeca Film Festival leapt into the vanguard of transmedia art last year with the inaugural edition of Storyscapes, an event led by TriBeCa’s Director of Digital Initiatives Ingrid Kopp.


Simple Machine Announces Micro-Festival Grants

We’ve been keeping up with Simple Machine, the independent film curation tool for festival and art house programmers, since running across their booth at South By Southwest last year.