Pictures From The Protest: Occupy Wall Street In Lower Manhattan

on Wednesday, Sep. 28th

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“This is the eleventh communiqué from the 99 percent. We are occupying Wall Street. We will not be moved.”

That is the latest posting on the unofficial Occupy Wall Street website, which has documented the protest in New York City that has gradually gained ground over the last few days. Similar protests are spreading to other cities around the United States as well.

The organizers were inspired by the events of the Arab Spring, and though their message is unclear at times, it seems to convey the condemnation of corrupt politics, banking institutions, and corporations. Yet, there are pictures showing protesters with social messages like, “Justice for Troy Davis.”

The hacker group Anonymous is involved with the organization of the protests, and recently released this video, calling for larger “occupation” of America.

Protesters are identifying as the 99 percent of America that struggle to sustain jobs, health care, and homes. Many of their protest signs call for justice for the remaining one percent.

NYPD officers have been working to maintain safety at the protests. According to the Wall Street journal, 80 arrests were made on Saturday, and law enforcement officials have been video-taped using mace and pepper spray against protesters.

Below, a collection of images from the last 11 days of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Photos by Alex Fradkin and Peter Harris.


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