Steve Jobs: The Comic Book

on Monday, Jun. 13th

In the annals of comic books certain issues stand as legends: Detective Comics #27, Amazing Fantasy #15, Youngblood #1. Now add to that Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple…

Wait, What?

Bluewater Productions, who have been making some waves (hey! I’m punchy this week!) with their biographical comics, have set their sights on publishing an unauthorized biography of the Apple founder. Bluewater is betting heavily on the bio-comics these days. Their catalog looks like what would happen if you stuck a copy of US Weekly and The Washington Post into a Blendtec- the Black Eyed Peas, Sarah Palin and Jon Stewart all have their own issues. They also have Bluewater Productions comic books. (Zing!)

The comic is due to hit speciality stores and Amazon sometime this August. What hasn’t be said, but remains a possibility, is a digital copy of the book. Bluewater sells online versions of their comics through the Graphicly marketplace. Frankly I’m surprised that Bluewater didn’t announce a digital version as well. Nothing would be more appropriate than reading a Steve Jobs comic book on an iPad.

OK. Not true. There are plenty of more appropriate things. But it’s a nice bit of happy irony. That’s a thing, right?


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