Slideshow: Hot Guys and Baby Animals

on Friday, Jan. 28th

Audrey Khuner & Carolyn Newman are co founders of the Hot Guys And Baby Animals calendar which they describe as a “hot, cuddly extravaganza.”

Brett Myers: Describe how the project came about. Was there alcohol involved?

Audrey Khuner & Carolyn Newman: It started as an inside joke between the two of us. We’ve been best friends since Jr. High, and we’ve always been a fan of both hot guys and baby animals. We figured why not combine the two. Sorry to report that there was no alcohol involved. I think it was over the phone actually.

BAM: Let’s be frank. How much money has been made from the Hot Guys And Baby Animals empire? Is it more or less successful than you thought it would be, and can you survive off the proceeds?

AK/CN: We’ve been in the business one year, and we’ve come out in the positives. Apparently that’s pretty good for new entrepreneurs. Of course, if you count all the time we’ve put into it, our hourly wage is pretty sad to say the least. However, you can’t exactly call hanging out with male models and puppies “work.” Really though, this is just the beginning. We just sold the publishing rights to the 2012 calendar and the Hot Guys and Baby Animals book. Look for both of those this fall!

BAM: How much thought do you give to pairing up dudes and animals. Like did you say “Oh this guy with big pecks would look great holding a lamb.”

AK/CN: We give it a lot of thought. Sometimes we’ll try and match facial features or coloring. In the end we go with wherever we see the most connection between the two. The best connection comes through when the animal is actually the guy’s pet. In fact, we had one model adopt a puppy a few weeks after the shoot. How’s that for making a great match?

BAM: Can you describe an awkward moment or two that arose out of the hot guy project?

AK/CN: Well, my dad is our photographer (Eliot Khuner). You try asking guys to take their shirts off and cuddle kittens in front of your father with a camera. Every moment is awkward and completely ridiculous! That’s what makes it fun.

BAM: How do you choose your hot guys? Do you pay them? Are they professional models?

AK/CN: We have a number of channels to recruit models, we even held a contest for our last shoot (if you find us a usable model, we pay you $20. If you get a date from having such a great line, you pay us $20). Most of the models we end of using are professional, but a few are just random dudes we picked up off the street.

BAM: How much is this about:

  • A quirky money making idea?
  • A fun project to work on?
  • And/or a tongue and cheek social commentary on the sexualization of women?

AK/CN: 40/40/20

BAM: Who buys this calendar?

AK/CN: Everyone from teens to grandparents, male and female, gay or straight. Anyone who watches Ellen (she had it on her show and our sales went through the roof!)

BAM: All kidding aside, please describe the donations good causes your calendar helps support.

AK/CN: We donate 10% of our proceeds to nonprofit animal organizations, including the SF SPCA and a number of smaller rescues such as Bunny World Foundation and the Milo Foundation.


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